Conversations @AIB2017

Bringing together theorists, artists and producers, Conversations at the Attakkalari India Biennial aim to address pressing issues and explore new modes of creation, linking concepts, theory, and the practice of movement arts.


The Bench- India
Tuesday, February 07 * 9.00AM to 4.00PM
Alliance Française de Bangalore
Free Entry. Prior registration is necessary.

Aimed at programmers, venues, producers, commissioners, and artists from all areas of the arts sector in India – The Bench Conference is a jam packed day that seeks to address, discuss, and change gender disparity in the performing arts, particularly dance. Themes of cross-border working and cultural exchange will be at the focus whilst comparing the states of play between India and the UK.

The conference sets out to examine the role women have played and can further play in the evolution of Contemporary Dance in the 21st century, the challenges they face, and how these challenges can be overcome.

The event will include a series of seminars and presentations from leading professionals in the industry, artists, and academics. The day will also see five choreographers, who have been selected as part of Outlands Bench programme, pitch new and innovative artistic ideas that will be supported and toured across the UK in autumn 2017.

For registration and further details, e-mail: activities@attakkalari.org

Organised in partnership with 2Faced Dance Company, UK.

Poetics of Technology in Performance
Saturday, February 11 * 10.00AM to 5.00PM
Alliance Française de Bangalore
Free Entry. Prior registration is necessary.

Technology has become an integral part of the movement arts today. This raises the question of ownership of technology as against its usage in performance. While artists may not become technologists, they can nevertheless discover, appropriate, and create a poetics associated with these technologies. This conference will be an exploration by theorists and practitioners of the performing arts of the ways in which art and technology intertwine, interact and complement each other.


Organised in partnership with Technicolor India.