Studio Encounters
03 to 12 February 2017
Attakkalari Studios

The visiting dance companies at the Biennial offer masterclasses for amateurs and professionals, inviting the Indian dance community into their techniques and histories of movement. These Studio Encounters are an incredible opportunity to learn from and interact with the forces that we meet onstage during the Centre-Stage. At Studio Encounters 17, participants will start their day with yoga led by Pradeep Sattwamaya from a1000yoga, before attending the masterclasses by the visiting companies from South Africa, South Korea, France, Spain, Finland, the UK, Switzerland and finally, a Kalaripayattu session led by Sri Lakshmanan Gurukkal and Sreerag from Kalarigram and Hindustan Kalari, Kerala.

E-mail: projects@attakkalari.org / education@attakkalari.org OR Call: 080 2212 3684 / 4146 7690 for registration.

Register online here